Upgrade your photo skills, while learning amongst The Driftless Region and Mississippi Valley’s most unique, intimate, and iconic settings. Whether you are starting your photography adventure or well into it. Workshop’s in the Rural Galena - Mississippi River region will motivate and help in bringing along to your next level of photography. We’ll work with your camera and photography style both technically and artistically, moving you further along in delivering drama and emotion to your viewers.
I share thoughts, knowledge and philosophy of art’s integration into photography, along with helping express your photographic vision. I am dedicated to making sure you leave newly skilled, and inspired.       
We will cut through any apprehension making you the manager of your camera, simplifying 
Camera operations, eliminating complicated and confusing technical aspects.    I work at simplifying thought processes and clutter, to give participants clear, simple advice to improve their photography and better express themselves through the art of photography, making sure every student has the opportunity to practice techniques learned via a one to one basis.
I guarantee you will learn a lot during one of my workshops, along with having a great time and you will leave inspired! I hope to see you in a workshop soon!​

For more information on Private Workshops, Guided Photography Tours and Lightroom Workshops - please contact us at 708-565-9768 or by email: stonedartstudio@gmail.com