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​Stoned Art Studio features Artist Henry Matthiessen III’s Landscape Photography and is a Premiere Photography Galleries of The Driftless Region, Mississippi Valley, Galena, Illinois.
My intent is to stimulate your senses and heightening an awareness of the Natural Wonders of this Worldly Unique Region, while showcasing to you its beauty, drama, and emotion.
Stoned Art Studio, showcases extensive collections of photography - from prints to finished wall pieces in a variety of sizes. 
Also featured are my handmade unique one of a kind Stoned Oil Lamps, created of stone harvested from road trips throughout the United States, these pieces encompass Nature’s Elements of Earth, Wind, and Fire, and when placed on your table will beautifully Decorate Space and Time.
Stoned Art Studio and Gallery visits, should be part of your journey through the Galena and Tri-state region. Located just twenty minutes from Galena, Illinois, Stoned Art Studio and Gallery is located at 1800 Central Avenue, in Dubuque, Iowa.
Call 708-565-9768, or email StonedArtStudio@gmail.com for questions, further information, driving directions, or to schedule a visit!

Artist Statement
Henry Matthiessen III
Artist - Photographer
I am a Tri State area artist mastering photography since 1972, applying art, and art history
techniques of light manipulation, composition and third element mastery, along with storytelling,
with other nuances, and touches used by Art Masters delivering emotion and drama of The Worldly Unique Driftless Region, and Mississippi Valley near, and around Galena, Illinois,
My intent is showcasing nature at her finest while demonstrating man’s insignificance is my goal. Making my photos come alive via post processing and printing at my Stoned Art Studio & Gallery of Dubuque, Iowa completes my artistic, photo making.
My photography has been featured, across the United States, via marketing materials for States of Illinois, Hawaii, Nevada, California, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and North Carolina, also worldwide via the British Broadcasting Company. Photography has also been featured numerous times,
on WMAQ TV Chicago, and CBS television in Iowa City, along with numerous features in the Chicago Sun Times Newspaper.
Currently I mentor photography students at Galena, Illinois High School. Art students at Stockton, Illinois High School, and CTE Academy graphic arts students in Elizabeth, Illinois.
I conduct private and group photography workshops teaching and improving one’s art and photography skills throughout the beautiful Mississippi River Valley and Driftless Region.
I am the Founder of the Tri State regional artist group All River Road Talent (ARRT) promoting a self-guided Art Drive the first weekend of every month. I am also the Creator and a Producer of the Driftless Region Scenic Art Drive, the Driftless Regions Exclusive Art and Artisan Atlas. 2014 – 2021.Type your paragraph here.